Little miss Aubrey at 6 months

What a fun 6 month session with little miss Aubrey (and big sis). She was fantastic and gave us all the expressions we were looking for, partly because mom and I planned the session strategically to get optimum results, but mostly because she’s just a cute, fun little baby!

Really like the pose with Aubrey and big sis, and grandma’s pink rocking chair. Love incorporating sentimental props into baby portraits, while still keeping the scene clean, simple, and focused on the subject, like great classic style portraiture should.

Aubrey_James_6Mo_Portraits-1009 Aubrey_James_6Mo_Portraits-1053 Aubrey_James_6Mo_Portraits-1055 Aubrey_James_6Mo_Portraits-1084 Aubrey_James_6Mo_Portraits-1132




Classic Elegant Couples Portrait – The Littletons

Lovely couples portrait of two of our favorite repeat clients (and good friends), the Littletons. We photographed this portrait back before Christmas for them to use for gift prints and Christmas cards to family and friends. We designed a classic elegant, yet relaxed pose to work with the attire and studio setting and it all came together nicely in the finished image, after a little custom editing and retouching to polish everything up.