Business portraits with a fashion flare

We had a gorgeous young lady come in recently who needed some professional business images and wanted the images with a little bit of a fashion look & feel to them, so what did we do? We broke out the large beauty dish (light modifier), changed to a fashion style lighting pattern, put up a nice high key background that was perfect for the occasion and outfit she had, threw in a flattering pose that worked well for the look she wanted, and there you have it – a gorgeous professional image with hint of fashion! (ok, well it’s not quite that simple) The client was super thrilled with the results. I love a creative challenge and being able to deliver exactly what a client wants when they have something specific in mind. It’s not the camera or the toys, it’s knowing how and when to use them. Love what I do!

Female business portrait Female business image

When is a good time to update your professional image?

Today I was photographing professional business head shots for a sales professional that works for a large company here in Raleigh. As we were discussing clothing options and the right expression for his image, he said he was already planning to come back in 6 months for an updated image. I was flattered but wasn’t sure why, so as we talked more he mentioned that he was planning to lose 40 lbs and get an updated image at that point.

Makes perfect sense. Any time you have a major change in appearance, you should consider updating your professional image that you use on on social media profiles such as LinkedIn as well as your business cards, website etc. Why? Good question, glad you asked. Regardless of whether you’re in a job search scenario, own your own business, or represent a company, chances are potential clients or employers will do a little research on you before deciding to do business with you or your company, or before deciding to interview you. What will they see? There is a very high probability they will see one or more of your social media profile images. So, what message will yours convey? What first impression will your image make for you? One sure way to create a bad first impression is to have a poor quality image or one that doesn’t represent how you currently look. Regarding the latter, when potential employers or clients meet you in person, and you don’t look like the image that represents you online, there is an immediate trust barrier that goes up, because in their mind, you misrepresented yourself. So if you’ve lost weight, had a significant hair style change, or any other changes affecting your appearance, you might want to consider updating you professional image.

Business_Portraits-1000PrintA recent client image, though not the one referred to in the article.


Professional Business Portrait for an Attorney

An image we created for a local attorney recently who works in down town Raleigh. His firm practices in the areas of estate planning, wills, trusts etc. Sharp knowledgeable attorney, if you have a need for those services, I would highly recommend his firm.


When is the right time for family beach portraits?

Anytime! If the beach is really part of who you are as a family. So here’s the back story: We were in a consultation with Pamela & David showing them different outdoor portrait examples when we came across a family beach portrait image in our portfolio. Pamela immediately got chills when she saw the family beach portrait because their family has had so many fun times at the beach as their kids were growing up. Well, that was the end of the discussion about where we would photograph. It was going to be a beach portrait, no questions asked. With their oldest of 3 kids is now in college, and the other two still in high school, they had decided it was time for a nice family portrait before the kids got much older. But it was the middle of the winter! Well, after some discussion the decision was made that we would do the beach portraits in January. Something I’ve never done, but we all decided it was worth the risk and we would give it a shot. So we did the shoot Jan 9th and were fortunate that we hit a day that was around 50 degrees & sunny. The wind was a little chilly, but not enough to keep us from creating some beautiful family portraits of them and the kids that they will be able to enjoy for years to come. The wall portrait is the panoramic immediately below of the family walking on the beach and it will go over the fireplace in the living room. Shot from ground level for a lower perspective, I think it will look great on the mantle. Love the sunset portraits we captured in that perfect short window where the sun is reflecting off the wet sand. Not lots of time to work with for those shots, but so gorgeous when done right. Great family and so much fun to work with!

Family_Portraits-1013 Family_Portraits-1022 Family_Portraits-1053 Family_Portraits-1062 Family_Portraits-1065-2 Family_Portraits-1076 Family_Portraits-1088

Colors & Conversations

I had a fun conversation with my youngest daughter yesterday in the car on the way home from picking her up from a class. We talked about how gorgeous the fall colors are, which trees were our favorites and why, and which colors are the best. She didn’t know it, but I drove a little slower and took the long way home, not only to see more trees, but to just enjoy the moment with her. I love those little slices of time and life where I get a glimpse into her head and heart and get to hear what she likes and why. One day, not to long from now she will be on to bigger and better things and I won’t have those opportunities, or at least not as many, so slow down and take the long way home every once and a while!


Basic Digital SLR Photography Workshop

Super excited about our upcoming half day photography workshop on Saturday Nov. 8th. We’re going to cover all the bases on how to get your camera off auto mode and shoot in manual mode with confidence. We’ll learn about composition, exposure, ISO, shutter speeds, aperture, white balance and all the basic info you’ll need to take your photography to the next level and create better photos. This class will be great whether you’re wanting to capture better photos of your children or take better landscape photos, so no matter what your subject matter preference is, this workshop will enhance your photography skills & abilities.

We prefer that you have a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, this just means a camera with interchangeable lenses (not a point and shoot), however if you have a hybrid camera (camera with fixed lens, but still has at least a manual mode option) that may work. Call and let us check your model and we can let you know if your camera is appropriate (919) 850-0492.

There are a limited number of seats available so that we can answer everyone’s questions and have plenty of hands on interaction using your cameras. Call or email us to get signed up before we fill up.


Corporate Head Shot

A recent studio shoot for a good friend and CEO at Apogee Social Media Group.

William does lots of Linked In specific training for companies and individuals and knows the importance of having a good professional image online to represent your personal or corporate brand. We were going for something a little more contemporary / modern to update his professional image, so we went with a high-key background (lighter tone), but kept with the traditional male head shot pose. This combination works well together and he was more than pleased with the look. You can never go wrong with classic posing and lighting, even when mixed with more modern or contemporary looking backgrounds or settings. Corporate head Shot


Mallory’s Senior Portraits

Have to be honest – senior portraits are one of my favorite sessions to shoot and Mallory’s session did not disappoint. Mallory and her mom were really fun to work with. Had a great time getting to know Mallory a little in the process too. She loves animals and works at a local animal hospital. Sweet girl with a really fun personality. We photographed Mallory’s sister a few years ago and it was really cool be able to capture some great images for both girls. Mom & Mallory picked out a great image for the wall portrait to go beside her sister’s on Mom’s wall. What a great way to be able to enjoy her two beautiful daughters every day.

High School Senior Portrait 1 High School Senior Portrait 2 High School Senior Portrait 3 High School Senior Portrait 4 High School Senior Portrait 5 High School Senior Portrait 6

Classic head shots with a modern, contemporary look

An image we created recently for a high level executive that was looking for a slightly more modern, contemporary look. It was a fun shoot using a green screen and a little Photoshop work for the background, and I think it’s safe to say, we nailed it! Client was more than happy with the results. Love helping create a finished product that meets our clients vision.

Corporate Head Shot