Engagement Portraits – Krista & Daniel

We recently had the privilege of photographing Krista and Daniel’s engagement session. This was such a fun session and the perfect opportunity to get to know our bride and groom and make their wedding day even more relaxed! Krista and Daniel are so much fun and we enjoyed getting to know them. Krista has to be one of the nicest people I’ve met and Daniel has a great sense of humor and kept us laughing.  We’re looking forward to creating some gorgeous bridal portraits as well as capturing the details and memories of the special day these two are planning.  Stay tuned for bridal and wedding photos down the road…..
Krista_Puett_Engagement_Portraits-1008 Krista_Puett_Engagement_Portraits-1049 Krista_Puett_Engagement_Portraits-1060 Krista_Puett_Engagement_Portraits-1095 Krista_Puett_Engagement_Portraits-1078

Kaitlyn & Andrew – Wedding

Gorgeous wedding at Binkley Chapel in Wake Forest. Kaitlyn & Andrew were great to work with and they decided to see each other before the ceremony, which allowed us to create some fantastic images of them seeing each other for the first time (alone) on their wedding day. I love it when couples do this. It creates a really special moment for the bride and groom to enjoy together, and they don’t have to share that “first look” with hundreds of people! I will typically set up far away with a long lens and photograph documentary style so they can enjoy the moment naturally and we simply capture as it unfolds. Of course, setting it all up for great lighting, background and vantage points are the key to making the images look great. Kaitlyn_Averette_Wedding-2111 Kaitlyn_Averette_Wedding-2120 Kaitlyn_Averette_Wedding-2137