Wedding Gallery

We’re as passionate about photographing weddings today as when we started over 20 years ago. We have a strong desire to uniquely photograph each wedding to tell our clients’ personal relationship story.

My wife Elizabeth and I love to serve as a resource for you to help navigate all the important considerations in your wedding photography. As an example, a few things we discuss, and that you will want to think about are:

 The photographic style of your photographer: does it fit what you’re looking for, or do they even have a style?

 People skills: often overlooked, but so important since your photographer will interact with all of your family and friends.

 Bodies of work: make sure you see several full bodies of work (albums & slideshows) from the photographer that will photograph your wedding. Continuity and consistent quality of images should be apparent.

All these considerations and more, are important to ensure that you have a fun, romantic wedding day and get professional quality products & service. Feel free to call us at (919) 850-0492 or contact us here and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to connect with you asap.

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