Portrait Delivery for Client

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

One of the most enjoyable things I get to do as a professional photographer, is deliver the final portrait products to our clients. We love delivering our signature wall portraits to our clients in their homes and even hanging for them if they choose. Today we delivered a 40″ custom sized canvas print to the Stallings family and did a fun reveal with the entire family present. Everyone loved it!

For custom wall portraits, the clients home is usually where it all starts with a personal design consulation, so it’s great to wrap up the experience with a personal delivery and get to see the final portrait in place, with the client. I’m convinced this is the best way to not only meet but exceed the clients expectation. We help them plan every detail of the portrait from the clothing tones, location setting and even the right portrait products that will fit with their style and decor. This way, when we photograph we already know where the portrait will be going, how it needs to be oriented, the look we’re going for and so on. When you start builing a house, you should already know what the end result will be. The process is the same for creating a great custom family portrait, and that’s what we love doing for our clients!


Home For The Holidays Portraits

If you have family coming in to town or are just having a family get together over the holidays, why not have family portraits created while everyone is together. We can come to your get together and photograph multiple groupings, individuals, and even a large group portrait of everyone together. We’ll even wake uncle Bob up for the portrait. There’s really no better time to have high quality professional portraits created than when everyone is together for Thanksgiving or Christmas and we have lots of great options for prints & portraits. Call us to plan your Home for the Holidays portraits. (919) 850-0492. Or email us at charlie@charlesdickensphotography.com.

Below are some portraits we created last year for this lovely family while everyone was dressed up to go see a play over Christmas.



Family_Portraits-1022 Family_Portraits-1014-2edit Family_Portraits-1007 20141213_124512

Children’s Portraits

We often get asked, what is the best age / time to photograph children after the baby’s first year? There are several age milestones in children’s lives that are important and portrait worthy. One of the most important milestones is the four year old mark. At this point your child will still have all their baby teeth and these portraits make for some really sweet children’s portraits, preserving that last stage of early childhood.

We recently photographed four year portraits for some clients at a favorite outdoor portrait location and the images turned out really gorgeous. Being able to capture the true personality and spirit of our subjects is what makes this so fun!

Nora_James_4yr_Portraits-1054 Nora_James_4yr_Portraits-1066 Nora_James_4yr_Portraits-1121 Nora_James_4yr_Portraits-1147

Downtown Family Portrait Session

Some classic family portraits shot before a play in downtown Raleigh. Some of the family was in from out of town and everyone was all dressed up for the play, so why not incoroporate family portraits! Great session with Angela and her family and the final gift wall portrait for her mom was a major hit. A few pull backs showing the set up, thanks to Chris Lewis!

20141213_121552 20141213_121616 20141213_124512 Family_Portraits-1007 Family_Portraits-1014-2edit Family_Portraits-1022

A just-in-time couples portrait session

What fun shoot with Jennifer & Michael! They were married at pullen park, had their engagement portraits photographed here, and of course wanted to include their new addition in some portraits here as well. A friend of theirs wanted to surprise them with portraits, so he hired me to photograph their couples maternity session. With only a few weeks before the due date, we had to scramble to make it happen, but we managed to squeeze in the session, they had a great time at the shoot, loved the images and everyone lived happily ever after, so far 🙂 They really were a great couple to work with and we wish them the best with their new addition and expanded family. What fun times ahead!

Maternity_Portraits-1010 Maternity_Portraits-1045-2 Maternity_Portraits-1068 Maternity_Portraits-1093

When is the right time for family beach portraits?

Anytime! If the beach is really part of who you are as a family. So here’s the back story: We were in a consultation with Pamela & David showing them different outdoor portrait examples when we came across a family beach portrait image in our portfolio. Pamela immediately got chills when she saw the family beach portrait because their family has had so many fun times at the beach as their kids were growing up. Well, that was the end of the discussion about where we would photograph. It was going to be a beach portrait, no questions asked. With their oldest of 3 kids is now in college, and the other two still in high school, they had decided it was time for a nice family portrait before the kids got much older. But it was the middle of the winter! Well, after some discussion the decision was made that we would do the beach portraits in January. Something I’ve never done, but we all decided it was worth the risk and we would give it a shot. So we did the shoot Jan 9th and were fortunate that we hit a day that was around 50 degrees & sunny. The wind was a little chilly, but not enough to keep us from creating some beautiful family portraits of them and the kids that they will be able to enjoy for years to come. The wall portrait is the panoramic immediately below of the family walking on the beach and it will go over the fireplace in the living room. Shot from ground level for a lower perspective, I think it will look great on the mantle. Love the sunset portraits we captured in that perfect short window where the sun is reflecting off the wet sand. Not lots of time to work with for those shots, but so gorgeous when done right. Great family and so much fun to work with!

Family_Portraits-1013 Family_Portraits-1022 Family_Portraits-1053 Family_Portraits-1062 Family_Portraits-1065-2 Family_Portraits-1076 Family_Portraits-1088

Formal Family Fotos

A few images from a recent session with the Marsh family. They were looking for something a little more on the formal side, but still outdoors, so we put the right setting together with the right clothing and posing and voila, gorgeous outdoor formal portraits!

I love the colors they put together after the consultation. We generally help clients with some suggestions on general guidelines on tones and colors that work with the setting the clients will be photographed in, and work together within the group. Just one of the many pieces of the puzzle that had to come together to create a final piece that will be enjoyed for years to come in the Marsh home!

Family_Portraits-1025 Family_Portraits-1046 Family_Portraits-1053