Photography Classes – Current & Upcoming

Quick update on the current photography class I’m teaching through Wake Technical Community College, and then some info on upcoming classes :

First, I’m having a great time teaching about something I love and all the students seem to be enjoying the class as well. We had a full class (18 students) for my first class, so that was a great start. We’re three weeks into the eight week class at this point so we’re just getting through the technical stuff, and headed toward some fun creative topics like composition soon. We also have a field shoot coming up week six, so that should be fun putting together everything we’ve learned for some hands on photography. The class is at the new Knightdale High school campus in Knightdale and the facilities are great. I was flattered when the instructional supervisor asked me to teach the summer and fall sessions as well, so lots more opportunity if you didn’t get in on this class!

Some of the topics covered are: Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure control and adjustments, resolution, composition, light metering, etc, etc. And the great thing about an 8 wk class is that we get to really peel back the layers and dive into these subjects to fully understand them. That’s hard to do in a single two or three hour class.

The upcoming summer class will be here soon and registration is open now, so check out this link to sign up:

Classes for the summer session run from May 19th – July 14 and the fall session will be posted soon. I’ll keep you posted on that as info becomes available. More to come soon…