What a baby portrait session really looks like

So here’s a little peak at some behind the scenes work going on at a recent 12 month baby portrait session.

Mom & my lovely wife working hard.

Mom & my lovely wife working hard (unfortunately for them, so is the baby) 

And she's off!

And she’s off! It’s important, but sometimes difficult to capture those new skills. 

And finally after much patients and hard work by all....

And finally after much patients and hard work by all….

Little miss Aubrey at 6 months

What a fun 6 month session with little miss Aubrey (and big sis). She was fantastic and gave us all the expressions we were looking for, partly because mom and I planned the session strategically to get optimum results, but mostly because she’s just a cute, fun little baby!

Really like the pose with Aubrey and big sis, and grandma’s pink rocking chair. Love incorporating sentimental props into baby portraits, while still keeping the scene clean, simple, and focused on the subject, like great classic style portraiture should.

Aubrey_James_6Mo_Portraits-1009 Aubrey_James_6Mo_Portraits-1053 Aubrey_James_6Mo_Portraits-1055 Aubrey_James_6Mo_Portraits-1084 Aubrey_James_6Mo_Portraits-1132




Nora’s New Sister

A fun and eventful (inside humor for mom & dad) newborn session with Nora’s new baby sister, Aubrey. It’s been such a cool opportunity & privilege to photograph Chris & Ashley’s wedding, their first baby, and now their second child. Love getting to know our clients and watching their family’s grow. Nora was such an awesome big sister too. She introduced everyone to her new sister, at least three times :). Too cute! Looking forward to seeing how much Aubrey has changed when we photograph her 6 month portraits, where she’ll be sitting up and smiling (hopefully).

Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1053 Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1043 Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1041 Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1018 Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1017 Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1007