Piedmont Services Executive Head Shots

When it comes to professional corporate head shots, we always deliver. The Piedmont Services Group came to us with specific goals in mind. They had head shots currently being used on their website, but they knew they wanted to increase the quality and thus their credibility as a company. The Executive Team are the faces of the company, so we understood how important these images would be for first impressions with potential new clients.

Previously used Head Shot on Website

Previously used Head Shot on Website

Updated image with Charles Dickens Photography.

Updated image with Charles Dickens Photography.

We always seek to accommodate our client’s specific needs. In this case, these business men had full schedules. They didn’t have an hour or two to come to a studio. We were able to set up on site, right outside their meeting room during a regional meeting that was already taking place.


We Respect Our Client’s Time

Quickly and efficiently, we allowed each Executive to come through and have their photo taken. This enabled us to take a mere 5 minutes with each individual allowing them to get back to their responsibilities with very little interruption. In total, we photographed thirteen different Executives for the company.

5651433559CMSSERVI Piedmont_Service_Group_Headshots-9245_Print

Need New Head Shots?

If you know you need new head shots for your updated resume, portfolio or company website, but are short on time, we can help. The experience and skill set we bring to the table enables us to provide quality images in a very brief session.


The Finished Product

Not only was our photo session brief, so was our turn around time. We delivered the completed images in just a week’s time. Our client, the Piedmont Services Group, has since been able to successfully update their website with the new images. The streamlined new look was well worth the effort and time spent.

You can view the images in the context of their website here.

Raising Hope Event Photos

Building relationships with people in our community is paramount to what we do. One of those relationships in particular brought us to our next opportunity to shoot a recent local event. The Raising Hope Dinner event put on by The Hope Center at Pullen took place this past June at The Woman’s Club of Raleigh. It is always our honor to take part in capturing events for a good cause.

Our High Quality Photos Lend Credibility

The Woman’s Club of Raleigh is becoming a popular local spot for corporate and upscale events. Knowing the caliber of guests at this particular event, they sought us out specifically. Creating professional, high quality images for our clients is something we take pride in. Once The Hope Center received the images, we were pleased to find them extremely satisfied and overwhelmed with the photos we were able to produce.
Hope_Center_Event-4570_Print (1)

About The Event

The Raising Hope Dinner is held annually and honors foster children transitioning to adulthood. The keynote speaker of the event, First Lady Kristin Cooper, is dedicated to aiding the foster children of North Carolina. She has represented many of them in court, using the skills she fostered while obtaining her law degree from UNC.
As well as the Governor’s wife, we also had the pleasure of photographing Elizabeth Gardner, WRAL’s Emmy winning meteorologist as the emcee at the event.

Special Guests

In addition to The Hope Center’s high profile special guests, it was most inspiring to hear from some of the young adults who had grown up in Foster Care. Hearing the testimonies of the blessings and opportunities they’ve received from this generous organization reinforced our support of this program. They are always accepting donations, both of time and finances. Please visit their website to find out how you can get involved in making a child’s future brighter.

E. Carroll Joyner Feature Magazine Shoot


Meet E. Carroll Joyner, a North Carolina treasure. This generous man is responsible for both Joyner Park in Wake Forest, NC as well as the E. Carroll Joyner Welcome Center at his Alma Mater, North Carolina State University. Getting the opportunity to photograph such a local legend was an honor and privilege.

We like to focus on people and telling their stories. Carroll Joyner’s story is the real American dream. He started out as the son of humble farmers barely scraping by and became a first generation College graduate. His sheer grit, determination and commitment to integrity brought him from a mere twenty dollars in his pocket to the wealth he’s created today. Out of that wealth he has learned that there are only three things you can do with money: spend it, invest it, or give it away. He’s found giving it away to be the most fulfilling.

Feature Magazine Shoot

On this particular day, we shot some photos for an upcoming magazine spread featuring our client. He’s being featured for his work with NCSU in the NC State Agriculture and Life Science Magazine (CALS Magazine).

Joyner is a savvy businessman with 15 different business deals in the works at the time we took these photos. Besides his multiple business pursuits, he raised cattle for many years, utilizing his agriculture degree. Mr. Joyner has taken an active role in the Agricultural program at the University since graduating in 1956. He created the N.C. Cattleman’s Foundation in the 1980s, dedicated to supporting beef cattle research. He even donated his own herd of Angus beef to the school.


Our goal in these photos is to give you a glimpse into who Carroll Joyner is. In the photo above you’ll see the most relaxed, genuine smile. That smile rarely left Mr. Joyner’s face as we interacted with him during the shoot. He’s one of the most pleasant, friendly and joyful people you could ever be around.

Down On The Farm

We shot these photos on site at the Fred Smith Company Ranch. Fred Smith is a good friend of Mr. Joyner and his cattle ranch seemed the obvious choice for our photo shoot. The Ranch staff proved extremely helpful as they herded the cows around the pastures so that we could get the best pictures possible.

We wanted to demonstrate not only Mr. Joyner’s exuberant personality, but also his affiliation with livestock and cattle for the University Magazine. The magazine was overwhelmed with the quality and accuracy with which we were able to capture Mr. Joyner. When the article on Joyner and his contributions to the school has been posted we will include a link here.

Despite an extremely hot summer day, we all had a great time! Good conversations, picturesque scenery and great company all lent themselves to an enjoyable photography session on the farm.



Senior Prom Photos

Yep, it’s senior prom season again and we’ve started a fun little tradition at our place where my daughter and her friends come by for prom photos before the prom. It’s really been a blast photographing for the kids and parents for the past couple of year. Cars and people everywhere and us trying to wrangle everyone for photos before they have to leave. Unfortunately, just as we’ve gotten into the swing of things, my daughter is graduating, but that’s how it goes with kids. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, they’re off to another phase in life. Maybe we’ll have to keep this tradition going for my younger daughter in a year or so. We’ll see…


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Georgia_Senior_Prom-4445 Georgia_Senior_Prom-4448 Georgia_Senior_Prom-4461 Georgia_Senior_Prom-4469 Georgia_Senior_Prom-4476 Georgia_Senior_Prom-4477

Professional Pet Portraits

We’re excited to be partnering with Training Your Best Friend, a dog training business in Wake Forest, to offer a great deal on professional portraits of your dog.

DSC_0293 Pet_People_Portraits_Falls-0677-2












What: Pet Portraits of your favorite dog!

When: One day only – Monday April 30th 2018 from 2-8:30pm. Must pre register

Where: Training Your Best Friend 230 Capcom Ave Wake Forest, NC 27587 Suite 107

How: How do I sign up? Call Christie at 919 435-0023 to reserve your time slot. Next, decide from the options below so you can let us know when you come in, and just bring your pet, and we’ll take care of the rest. We can take a check, cash or card on site.


We’ll have a complete studio set up at Training Your Best Friend to create high quality professional portraits of your favorite dog. We’re still designing the set so we don’t have visuals just yet, but we’ll pose your pet and take a full body shot and a close up if you select an option with two digital files.

Portrait package options:

Package A: 2 digital files, & print package – $99

Package B: 2 digital files OR 1 digital file & print package – $79

Package C: 1 digital file – $59

Add ons: 8×10 – $19, 11×14 mounted – $79, 16×20 mounted – $129

Print package is 2-8×10’s & 2-5×7’s

Note: All digital files are edited high resolution printable files


Giving Back

Up at 5:00am on a frigid February morning, packing photography gear to drive an hour away, to photograph outside for 10 hours, and all for free.

Why would we do that? I’m glad you asked. We do that because it’s an honor and the least we can do to give back a little and be able to serve the veterans who serve and sacrifice so much for us.

We had an absolute blast photographing with a team of amature & professional photographers, for our 3rd year in a row photographing for Enduring Gratitude. You can learn more about them & what they do by clicking on the link, but I do want to share a few take aways from my perspective. My dad served full time and reserves in some capacity for 42 years so I’ve always had an appreciation for military service, but it’s so great to be able to give back to the vets a little and be able to do something for them. Two common themes I noticed throughout the day were humility and sevice. The combat wounded Green Beret key note speaker, who’s rousing speach was about how we should never stop serving, whether you are military or not, retired or not, was worth the price of admission alone.

We enjoy being able to give back, especially to those who have given so much for us.

Enduring_Gratitude_Photos_Charlie-2025 Enduring_Gratitude_Photos_Charlie-2230 Enduring_Gratitude_Photos_Charlie-2193

The volunteer dog handlers for the pheasant hunt.

The volunteer dog handlers for the pheasant hunt.


Time to eat!

Time to eat!


Mr. Louis, A WW2 Vet still knocking down clays at 92.

Mr. Louis, A WW2 Vet still knocking down clays at 92.

Mr. Louis, A 92 yr old WW2 vet that comes out every year. Such a treasure and I count myself lucky to have gotten the chance to chat with him, this year and last.

Mr. Louis, A 92 yr old WW2 vet that comes out every year. Such a treasure and I count myself lucky to have gotten the chance to chat with him, this year and last.

Enduring_Gratitude_Photos_Charlie-2079 Enduring_Gratitude_Photos_Charlie-2071 Enduring_Gratitude_Photos_Charlie-2042

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3 Tips for Better Group & Family Photos This Summer

Family Portraits Raleigh







I love summer time because there are just more opportunities to get toether and do things with the people we love! And we all love taking group photos when we’re together with family & friends, whether it’s with our phone cameras and other type cameras. Well, here’s a few tips on how to get the most out of those group and family snap shot photos you take this summer.

  1. Lighting. Yes, in photography it’s all about lighting, in case you haven’t heard. This comes before backgrounds or anything else.
    • For outdoor photos, the absolute best natural lighting will come from indirect sunlight, or open sky. This creates the best large natural light source and beautiful catchlights in the eyes. It really opens up the iris for better color in the eyes also without having to squint like you do from direct sun.
    • If you can position the subjects so that the indirect light is coming from above at roughly 45 degrees and in front of the subject, it will look the best. You can do this by having buildings, trees or something blocking the open sky on all but the front side of the subject. A great example of this is using a building overhang and put your subjects just a few feet behind the edge of the roof line. This will force the light from the sky to be more directional and hit the subjects at an angle vs straight down from overhead.
    • In general the larger the light source, the better the quality of light will be.
    • Inside, you can use a large window with indirect light coming through it for your light source.
    • Also, as a general place to start, if your light source is 45 degrees above and to the side of the subject, you will get nice directional lighting that will create some shadows for depth & dimension. Of course there’s a lot more to good lighting, but these are a few tips that should get you on the path to a well lit photo.
  2. Background. Most phone cameras have a fixed wide angle lens and because of the camera design and sensor proximity to the lens, you can’t get blurry or out of focus backgrounds like you can with DSLR cameras. This makes it even more critical to find a pleasing background since it will be in focus and any distracting elements will show up.
    • Finding solid color backgrounds or with as little pattern as possible will help minimize background distraction
    • Background lighting – If you can find a background that has less light on it than your foreground subjects, this will also help minimize background distraction. This is tricky though, because you don’t want the background more than 1-2 stops (times) darker than the subjects.
    • If you want to take it even one step further, find a background with a color or tone that works with the subjects’ clothing tones or is at least complimentary (remember the color wheel?
  3. Posing. Yep, this is the tricky part. Group posing is the hardest because the goal is to get every individual posed so that they can stand alone and still look good without the group.
    • Body types – The subjects closer to the camera will appear larger, so have larger people in the back and smaller thinner people in the front. This will minimize apparent body size.
    • Geometry – In groups, it’s all about head positioning. In general you don’t want all the heads on the same horizontal plane. Try to create diamonds or triangles with head positions. If you have a really large group, you should have multiple geometric patterns within the larger group.
    • Females – Have females stand with their weight on their back foot and front leg bent slightly. This creates nice subtle curves in the posing lines. Also, have females turn at an angle to the camera to appear thinner.
    • Males – For males, posing should incorporate strong geometric shapes with right angles, hard lines etc. You typically want males straight on to the camera as well, so they look more broad shouldered (in most cases).
    • I guess we can consider expressions part of posing. Have an idea of what expressions should be so that they’re all consistent at the very least. There’s a lot to expressions as well, but this is where you can get creative and have some fun too.

Alright, so now your equipped with a little more info for creating some great group and family portraits this summer. Have fun, get creative and create some great images to preserve those important moments, but most importantly make sure you enjoy the time with your friends or family this summer!

For more info on family portraits check out our family portrait page here or contact us here. 

Family Portraits Raleigh








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Raleigh Real Estate Agent Head Shot

Love creating nice looking professional images for real estate agents! Real estate agents in Raleigh have lots of competition in this market and a great professional head shot image, for their business cards and online presence, is one important way to set yourself apart from the pack. We’ve been creating lots of head shot for real estate agents in the Raleigh area, so if you or anyone you know needs a professional head shot, feel free to check out our head shot page here for lots of info and examples of our work.

Raleigh Real Estate Head Shot

Raleigh Real Estate Head shot


















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Head Shots for Dr. William Porter’s New Book

I recently was asked to create a couple of portraits for Dr. William Porter’s new book “Miracles in the Life of Ordinary People”. Dr. Porter is a Raleigh based retired professor and charming gentleman that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the past year or so. He writes inspirational books about how God intervenes in peoples lives everyday. It’s a breath of fresh air when contrasted with all the negative news & information we’re bombarded with daily. I would highly encourage checking out his website here to find out more about him and his books.

To see more of our business head shot work, check out our head shot page here.

Author head shot Raleigh Author head shot Raleigh




























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