What is the value of a memory captured in a photograph?

We recently received a thank you note from a bride we had the privilege of working with last year. This was not so much a thank you for photographing the wedding, it was however a fresh perspective on the value of the images we captured. She shared that over this past year their families had lost two grandparents and the images we created had been so special and appreciated in a very different way! The experiences of life from newborn babies, first birthdays, high school graduations, weddings and everything special in life, pass by so quickly and all of those and more truly should to be captured and enjoyed. The answer to the question is Priceless! The memories of grandparents who are no longer here to live life with us, speaks to the value of relationships! This is one of the most rewarding parts of the work we do. With the pace of life these days, we all need to remember to, not only stop and spend time with those we love, but capture those memories to enjoy for years to come!