Photography Class Photo Shoot

A couple of fun shots from the photography class trip downtown last night. The students love the field trip photo shoot and I love to see them putting all the classroom info together and applying it to create some great photos. I love facilitating those “light bulb” moments in photography!

Capitol_Photo_Class_Shoot-1014 Capitol_Photo_Class_Shoot-1034-Edit


Fine Art

Recently I was going through & selecting a few fine art images for a potential display at a hospital and thought I would share a few of them, because what’s the point in having something cool, if you can’t share it, right?. Love going back through images like this. It takes you back to that trip or spot, but I find myself wanting to tweak and edit the images, just a little here, just a little there – there always seems to be something I could have done better. But, that’s what makes the next image better than the last. Enjoy!

Surf City Sunrise

Surf City Sunrise

Grand Canal - Venice Italy

Grand Canal – Venice Italy

Linville Falls - Linville NC

Linville Falls – Linville NC