Now that she’s married…Shelly’s bridal

What a beautiful bride and dress! Those two elements along with the fantastic location setting, culminated in some gorgeous, elegant bridal portraits for Shelly (and mom – who gets the wall portrait 🙂 ). I love shooting a new location, especially one as gorgeous as the historic Wagner House in Clayton, NC. It’s challenging yet fun to study the natural lighting offered up at each new location we shoot. This place did not disappoint, if you know what you’re looking for, with large windows inside, for soft diffused lighting along with some great front porch lighting with perfect soft, indirect light coming in from the front of the house, for the porch images. Of course we supplemented with a touch of off camera strobe, but only just enough to compliment the natural light and give a sparkle to the eyes. We even got a little creative with some artistic HDR images at the end. That was really the only way to maintain proper exposure on the house, the bride and the bright sky all at the same time, plus it just looks cool! Stay tuned for some wedding images…Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1022 Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1046-Edit Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1062 Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1065 Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1089 Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1096_HDR Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1101_HDR