Shelly & Victor – Wedding Sneak Peak

What a gorgeous day, at the historic Wagner House in downtown Clayton, for Shelly & Victor to tie the knot. Sometimes it’s hit or miss with November weddings, but it was great day temperature and weather wise for their special day.

We truly enjoyed being able to photograph Shelly & Victor’s wedding and loved the setting, which made for some gorgeous images. It’s always fun photographing a wedding at a venue for the first time and seeing what unique images you can create for the bride and groom. The staff at the Wagner house was fantastic to work with also, helping with anything we needed.

It has been such a unique opportunity, going back 5 years to Shelly’s sister Ashley’s wedding and seeing how they leaned on each other make it through the their big day. It was evident how much they love each other by the words & tears shared during Ashley’s toast. Ok, enough mushy stuff! Shelly, Victor, we truly hope you two have a long happy, life together, and enjoy this sneak peak of images, as there are many more to come!

Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1004 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1025 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1086 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1110 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1116 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1119 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1133 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1216 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1234 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1252 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1258 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1322 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1327-Edit-Edit-Edit Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1370 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1432 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1446 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1468 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1478 Shelly_Hilliard_Wedding-1487