A just-in-time couples portrait session

What fun shoot with Jennifer & Michael! They were married at pullen park, had their engagement portraits photographed here, and of course wanted to include their new addition in some portraits here as well. A friend of theirs wanted to surprise them with portraits, so he hired me to photograph their couples maternity session. With only a few weeks before the due date, we had to scramble to make it happen, but we managed to squeeze in the session, they had a great time at the shoot, loved the images and everyone lived happily ever after, so far 🙂 They really were a great couple to work with and we wish them the best with their new addition and expanded family. What fun times ahead!

Maternity_Portraits-1010 Maternity_Portraits-1045-2 Maternity_Portraits-1068 Maternity_Portraits-1093

When is the right time for family beach portraits?

Anytime! If the beach is really part of who you are as a family. So here’s the back story: We were in a consultation with Pamela & David showing them different outdoor portrait examples when we came across a family beach portrait image in our portfolio. Pamela immediately got chills when she saw the family beach portrait because their family has had so many fun times at the beach as their kids were growing up. Well, that was the end of the discussion about where we would photograph. It was going to be a beach portrait, no questions asked. With their oldest of 3 kids is now in college, and the other two still in high school, they had decided it was time for a nice family portrait before the kids got much older. But it was the middle of the winter! Well, after some discussion the decision was made that we would do the beach portraits in January. Something I’ve never done, but we all decided it was worth the risk and we would give it a shot. So we did the shoot Jan 9th and were fortunate that we hit a day that was around 50 degrees & sunny. The wind was a little chilly, but not enough to keep us from creating some beautiful family portraits of them and the kids that they will be able to enjoy for years to come. The wall portrait is the panoramic immediately below of the family walking on the beach and it will go over the fireplace in the living room. Shot from ground level for a lower perspective, I think it will look great on the mantle. Love the sunset portraits we captured in that perfect short window where the sun is reflecting off the wet sand. Not lots of time to work with for those shots, but so gorgeous when done right. Great family and so much fun to work with!

Family_Portraits-1013 Family_Portraits-1022 Family_Portraits-1053 Family_Portraits-1062 Family_Portraits-1065-2 Family_Portraits-1076 Family_Portraits-1088

Classic Elegant Couples Portrait – The Littletons

Lovely couples portrait of two of our favorite repeat clients (and good friends), the Littletons. We photographed this portrait back before Christmas for them to use for gift prints and Christmas cards to family and friends. We designed a classic elegant, yet relaxed pose to work with the attire and studio setting and it all came together nicely in the finished image, after a little custom editing and retouching to polish everything up.


Engagement Portraits – Krista & Daniel

We recently had the privilege of photographing Krista and Daniel’s engagement session. This was such a fun session and the perfect opportunity to get to know our bride and groom and make their wedding day even more relaxed! Krista and Daniel are so much fun and we enjoyed getting to know them. Krista has to be one of the nicest people I’ve met and Daniel has a great sense of humor and kept us laughing.  We’re looking forward to creating some gorgeous bridal portraits as well as capturing the details and memories of the special day these two are planning.  Stay tuned for bridal and wedding photos down the road…..
Krista_Puett_Engagement_Portraits-1008 Krista_Puett_Engagement_Portraits-1049 Krista_Puett_Engagement_Portraits-1060 Krista_Puett_Engagement_Portraits-1095 Krista_Puett_Engagement_Portraits-1078