Senior Prom Photos

Yep, it’s senior prom season again and we’ve started a fun little tradition at our place where my daughter and her friends come by for prom photos before the prom. It’s really been a blast photographing for the kids and parents for the past couple of year. Cars and people everywhere and us trying to wrangle everyone for photos before they have to leave. Unfortunately, just as we’ve gotten into the swing of things, my daughter is graduating, but that’s how it goes with kids. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, they’re off to another phase in life. Maybe we’ll have to keep this tradition going for my younger daughter in a year or so. We’ll see…


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Mallory’s Senior Portraits

Have to be honest – senior portraits are one of my favorite sessions to shoot and Mallory’s session did not disappoint. Mallory and her mom were really fun to work with. Had a great time getting to know Mallory a little in the process too. She loves animals and works at a local animal hospital. Sweet girl with a really fun personality. We photographed Mallory’s sister a few years ago and it was really cool be able to capture some great images for both girls. Mom & Mallory picked out a great image for the wall portrait to go beside her sister’s on Mom’s wall. What a great way to be able to enjoy her two beautiful daughters every day.

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