Professional Business Head Shots

I had the opportunity to work with a great couple recently that run a foundation that helps provide scholarships for under privileged kids. They’re in the process of designing their website and needed professional head shots so we helped them dial in on just the right professional look and feel for the site & type of work they do. I love getting to know my clients and hearing their stories and being able to help them get the look they need to achieve their goals. A great couple doing good things for people!

Laura_Meissner_Business_Headshots-1001 Laura_Meissner_Business_Headshots-1002

A just-in-time couples portrait session

What fun shoot with Jennifer & Michael! They were married at pullen park, had their engagement portraits photographed here, and of course wanted to include their new addition in some portraits here as well. A friend of theirs wanted to surprise them with portraits, so he hired me to photograph their couples maternity session. With only a few weeks before the due date, we had to scramble to make it happen, but we managed to squeeze in the session, they had a great time at the shoot, loved the images and everyone lived happily ever after, so far 🙂 They really were a great couple to work with and we wish them the best with their new addition and expanded family. What fun times ahead!

Maternity_Portraits-1010 Maternity_Portraits-1045-2 Maternity_Portraits-1068 Maternity_Portraits-1093

Business portraits with a fashion flare

We had a gorgeous young lady come in recently who needed some professional business images and wanted the images with a little bit of a fashion look & feel to them, so what did we do? We broke out the large beauty dish (light modifier), changed to a fashion style lighting pattern, put up a nice high key background that was perfect for the occasion and outfit she had, threw in a flattering pose that worked well for the look she wanted, and there you have it – a gorgeous professional image with hint of fashion! (ok, well it’s not quite that simple) The client was super thrilled with the results. I love a creative challenge and being able to deliver exactly what a client wants when they have something specific in mind. It’s not the camera or the toys, it’s knowing how and when to use them. Love what I do!

Female business portrait Female business image

When is a good time to update your professional image?

Today I was photographing professional business head shots for a sales professional that works for a large company here in Raleigh. As we were discussing clothing options and the right expression for his image, he said he was already planning to come back in 6 months for an updated image. I was flattered but wasn’t sure why, so as we talked more he mentioned that he was planning to lose 40 lbs and get an updated image at that point.

Makes perfect sense. Any time you have a major change in appearance, you should consider updating your professional image that you use on on social media profiles such as LinkedIn as well as your business cards, website etc. Why? Good question, glad you asked. Regardless of whether you’re in a job search scenario, own your own business, or represent a company, chances are potential clients or employers will do a little research on you before deciding to do business with you or your company, or before deciding to interview you. What will they see? There is a very high probability they will see one or more of your social media profile images. So, what message will yours convey? What first impression will your image make for you? One sure way to create a bad first impression is to have a poor quality image or one that doesn’t represent how you currently look. Regarding the latter, when potential employers or clients meet you in person, and you don’t look like the image that represents you online, there is an immediate trust barrier that goes up, because in their mind, you misrepresented yourself. So if you’ve lost weight, had a significant hair style change, or any other changes affecting your appearance, you might want to consider updating you professional image.

Business_Portraits-1000PrintA recent client image, though not the one referred to in the article.


Now that she’s married…Shelly’s bridal

What a beautiful bride and dress! Those two elements along with the fantastic location setting, culminated in some gorgeous, elegant bridal portraits for Shelly (and mom – who gets the wall portrait 🙂 ). I love shooting a new location, especially one as gorgeous as the historic Wagner House in Clayton, NC. It’s challenging yet fun to study the natural lighting offered up at each new location we shoot. This place did not disappoint, if you know what you’re looking for, with large windows inside, for soft diffused lighting along with some great front porch lighting with perfect soft, indirect light coming in from the front of the house, for the porch images. Of course we supplemented with a touch of off camera strobe, but only just enough to compliment the natural light and give a sparkle to the eyes. We even got a little creative with some artistic HDR images at the end. That was really the only way to maintain proper exposure on the house, the bride and the bright sky all at the same time, plus it just looks cool! Stay tuned for some wedding images…Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1022 Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1046-Edit Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1062 Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1065 Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1089 Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1096_HDR Shelly_Hilliard_Bridal_Portraits-1101_HDR



Nora’s New Sister

A fun and eventful (inside humor for mom & dad) newborn session with Nora’s new baby sister, Aubrey. It’s been such a cool opportunity & privilege to photograph Chris & Ashley’s wedding, their first baby, and now their second child. Love getting to know our clients and watching their family’s grow. Nora was such an awesome big sister too. She introduced everyone to her new sister, at least three times :). Too cute! Looking forward to seeing how much Aubrey has changed when we photograph her 6 month portraits, where she’ll be sitting up and smiling (hopefully).

Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1053 Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1043 Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1041 Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1018 Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1017 Aubrey_James_Newborn_Portraits-1007