Piedmont Services Executive Head Shots

When it comes to professional corporate head shots, we always deliver. The Piedmont Services Group came to us with specific goals in mind. They had head shots currently being used on their website, but they knew they wanted to increase the quality and thus their credibility as a company. The Executive Team are the faces of the company, so we understood how important these images would be for first impressions with potential new clients.

Previously used Head Shot on Website

Previously used Head Shot on Website

Updated image with Charles Dickens Photography.

Updated image with Charles Dickens Photography.

We always seek to accommodate our client’s specific needs. In this case, these business men had full schedules. They didn’t have an hour or two to come to a studio. We were able to set up on site, right outside their meeting room during a regional meeting that was already taking place.


We Respect Our Client’s Time

Quickly and efficiently, we allowed each Executive to come through and have their photo taken. This enabled us to take a mere 5 minutes with each individual allowing them to get back to their responsibilities with very little interruption. In total, we photographed thirteen different Executives for the company.

5651433559CMSSERVI Piedmont_Service_Group_Headshots-9245_Print

Need New Head Shots?

If you know you need new head shots for your updated resume, portfolio or company website, but are short on time, we can help. The experience and skill set we bring to the table enables us to provide quality images in a very brief session.


The Finished Product

Not only was our photo session brief, so was our turn around time. We delivered the completed images in just a week’s time. Our client, the Piedmont Services Group, has since been able to successfully update their website with the new images. The streamlined new look was well worth the effort and time spent.

You can view the images in the context of their website here.

Commercial Photography: Oak Heart Vet

At Charles Dickens Photography, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality commercial photography available. The Oak Heart Veterinary Hospital recently reached out to us for some professional images. We were able to sit down with them to develop a plan for the shoot to ensure that we captured everything they needed. Their needs included images for marketing materials as well as their company website.


They recently remodeled their offices and we were able to highlight the new look. They also expanded and opened new locations. There are three conveniently located Raleigh, NC locations. We photographed interior and exterior images of two locations and will shoot the third very soon.


Oak Heart

Corporate Head Shot Photography

Here are some of the head shots taken of their veterinary team. You can see how they utilized them on their website here.

Vets_Pets_Oak_Heart-1839 Oak_Heart_Vet_Dixie_Trail-7104_Web Oak_Heart_Vet_Dixie_Trail-7109_Web

Candid/Action Photography

We were also able to capture some candid “action” images with the Veterinarians and technicians. We feel we were truly able to communicate how good they are at what they do and how much they care about their patients.



As a service to all of our clients, we deliver full sets of web and print resolution image files so that our clients have everything they need for both print and web marketing.

If you’re in the local Raleigh-Triangle area, be sure to visit an Oak Heart Vet location for all your pet needs. They’ll be hosting a Grand Opening event for their new locations, cleverly titled “Barktoberfest” on Saturday, October 5th from 5-8 PM. They hope you’ll join them! Visit their website for more information on the event and their Veterinary services. They are also accepting reservations for pet boarding and doggy daycare!

Contact us today for all your commercial photography needs.

Executive Head Shot

We love the opportunity to photograph local Raleigh area executive head shots because we meet so many people in so many different fields of work, and get to help them with their personal branding. We recently welcomed Chris Edwards into our studio to update his executive head shots for his new position at Markraft Cabinets. He is the new Executive Director of the Apex Division. It was awesome hearing his story of working in the cabinetry industry for many years and returning to Markraft after 17 years.  You can read more about his story and see how he used one of his professional head shots for his new bio page here: https://www.markraft.com/staff/chris-edwards/

Below are a few more of Chris’ head shots, with permission, of course.

Chris_Edwards_Headshots-0602_Print Chris_Edwards_Headshots-0608_Print Chris_Edwards_Headshots-0613_Print




























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Business Portraits for 50+ Physicians

It’s been a busy summer and we’ve been behind on blog updates so please forgive! 🙂

Over two separate evening shoots, we had the privilege of meeting and photographing all of the Wake Radiology physicians and some of their administrative staff. Despite the size of this project, the process was smooth and efficient because of our up front planning and coordination with Wake’s marketing director Amy Woolard. Amy was fantastic to work with and we partnered with her to create a full suite of updated images to use for all of their marketing projects. There were 6 poses of each physician for a total of roughly 300 final images. The images included a left, right and center facing view in lab coats and in business suits. We edited and retouched all the images and extracted the subjects from the original green screen background so they could use the images in any type of marketing campaign they came up with the in future.

It was such a pleasure working so closely with Amy to plan the shoot. So fun meeting the many people that are the backbone of this great organization as well. Thanks to Wake Radiology, the doctors, staff and especially Amy, for turning a major project into a cake walk. Below are Amy’s comments & feedback in her own words and a few of the final extracted images.

“Working with Charlie Dickens on our corporate photography has been fantastic experience. He worked closely with me to get 50+ physicians photographed over a 2 day period and it went off without a hitch. He was in close contact leading up to the event and we talked through everything from usage to backdrops, positions to Photoshop editing which ensured that he was capturing exactly what we wanted. Charlie’s calm and friendly demeanor put the physicians at ease allowing him to capture relaxed natural smiles. None of the photos we were provided look fake or forced. Thanks Charlie for turning a daunting task into a cake walk”. Amy Woolard – Marketing Manager – Wake Radiology – Raleigh, NC

Medical Head Shots Raleigh Medical Head Shots Raleigh Medical Head Shots Raleigh Medical Head Shots Raleigh







Business Portraits for Real Estate Team

I recently had the pleasure of photographing these professional images for this new husband and wife real estate team. Christine needed a head shot for her new business cards and they needed some images together for marketing pieces they’re working on. I love being able to create high quality professional images that help our clients grow their business! Win-win! You can check them out or connect with them over at InTrust Realty.

Raleigh Real Estate head shots Raleigh Real Estate head shots Raleigh Real Estate head shots






























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Speaker / Trainer Photo Shoot

We had a client come in recently who needed some specific looks for her national corporate training website. She needed images for her website showing her presenting and a regular head shot. We shot everything on a white background so the subject could be extracted easily by the graphics design person working on the clients web site. We’re only showing the white background images here, except for the head shot, because we don’t have the final composite images. At the clients request, we did include one of our digital composite backgrounds for the head shot because she liked our background options so much. The head shot was fairly simple, but the presentation images were a little challenging because you always want the subject to look natural and engaged, like they’re really presenting to an audience. So how do you achieve that in a studio setting? Well, we picked a topic with input from the client and had her talk to my assistant about it. It also helps when your client is a really polished presenter and already knows what to do with hands and facial expressions. 🙂 The hardest part is finding the right angle at which the subject looks the best and looks naturally engaged, so the images doesn’t look staged. We did have to try both sides of the camera and some different angles, but that’s the key to success, you use your skills and talent to set up the shot that you think will look the best and then you review, adjust and fine tune until it looks great! Fun shoot, the client really loved the images and I learned all about the Netflix documentary “Happy”. 🙂

Check out our head shot page here for more info on professional head shots.


Head Shot Speaker Raleigh DSC_3995 DSC_3997










































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Commercial Shoot for Physician

Some equipment, behind the scenes, and one final image from a recent commercial shoot at Wake Med Hospital here in Raleigh. We were photographing for the physicians practice but had to do the shoot at the Catheterization Lab at Wake Med where he does the procedures. Understandably Wake Med is a little funny about photos being taken at the hospital so we had to be escorted by staff and then jump in the lab in between procedures for a quick shoot. And let me just say, if you don’t know your lighting and equipment well, these kind of fast paced shoots will frazzle you in a hurry! 🙂 Having small portable lighting with built in wireless controls is key for getting in and fine tuning the lighting quickly so that we could concentrate on our subject vs. fumbling with equipment. In the end we created some great images for this physician showing him in the high tech medical setting that he works in. These images will be great marketing material and looked fantastic in the physician’s magazine article which we were shooting for.

If you or anyone you know has a need for on location commercial photography or head shots, contact us here to get the discussion started and see how we can help showcase you or your business with professional images. To see more of our work, check out our commercial photography page here.

Commercial Photography Raleigh

Commercial photography Raleigh

Commercial photography Raleigh

Commercial photography Raleigh

Commercial photography Raleigh




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Military Portrait for Lt. Colonel

I had the privilege of creating a military portrait for a Lt. Colonel in the US Army recently. This portrait will be posted at all of the command centers that he’s in charge of, so we wanted to get this right and make him look good.

We discussed the appropriate expression, stance, etc, as I normally do with clients, before setting up for the shot. The image was photographed on a standard studio background and then we extracted the subject and dropped in a digital background with the right colors and flag. A little extra work, but worthwhile to make sure his portrait looks good and represents him well at the command centers where the chain of command is displayed on the wall. Love the way the final image turned out and enjoyed having the opportunity to create a nice military portrait for one of our service members.

Military Headshot Raleigh



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Business Head Shot for a Real Estate Agent

I had the pleasure of working with and creating a professional head shot for a new real estate agent recently. Leigh Ann is transitioning into her new career as a residential real estate agent in the Raleigh area and had just recently passed the real estate exam. She was super excited about her new career and wanted to make a great impression with potential clients with a professional image on her business card and the website. We worked with her to choose the right background and outfit that would work well with the company business card color scheme and other places it would be used. I love working with real estate agents and being a small part of helping get their new careers off on the right foot!

Business headshot raleigh nc
















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Recent Business Head Shots for Speaker

Head shot(s) of the day! Loved helping Liz find just the right look for her business head shots to promote her speaking and training engagements. She especially liked the black and white versions so that’s what we’ll showcase here!

Head Shots Raleigh
Raleigh head shots




























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